Bunda Corla’s Phenomenon: Instafamous and Personal Branding


  • Richard Togaranta Ginting Udayana University
  • Gede Bisma Institut Komunikasi dan Bisnis LSPR, Bali
  • Ni Made Ras Amanda Gelgel Udayana University




bunda corla, social media, instagram, instafamous, personal branding


This research would like to investigate of how Bunda Corla as a non-celebrity can affect social media engagement so that many famous entrepreneurs or businesses put decent amount of money every time, she conducts a live session on her Instagram. The method that is used is by analyzing the Bunda Corla’s live streaming and relate it to the theory of the personal branding and instafamous so that we can see the correlations between the personal branding that she has with why there are many celebrity entrepreneurs put huge amount of money on her. This paper shows why there are many celebrity entrepreneurs who transfer a certain amount of money to Bunda Corla because it is seen from the engagement that Bunda Corla can get every time she starts live streaming, the number is hundreds of thousands. This also shows that the artist wants to transfer it, Bunda Corla will definitely mention their name so that these celebrity entrepreneurs can get such great exposure thanks to her live streaming. From the description above, we can draw the conclusion that, Bunda Corla can get her fame because she can indirectly fulfill the three basics in building a strong personal brand which attracts public figures on putting some cash on her with exposure in return.


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How to Cite

Ginting, R. T., Bisma, G., & Gelgel, N. M. R. A. (2022). Bunda Corla’s Phenomenon: Instafamous and Personal Branding. Communicare : Journal of Communication Studies, 9(2), 139–146. https://doi.org/10.37535/101009220226