Welcome to the Open Journal System (OJS) of the LSPR Institute of Communication and Business. Currently, LSPR has three journals. Communicare: Journal of Communication Studies, contains articles in communication science, Journal of Servite, including articles on community service, and Commentate: Journal of Communication Management, including articles on communication and management. All of these journals can be accessed at their respective links below.


  • Journal of Communication and Public Relations

    Journal of Communication and Public Relations is an international, peer reviewed journal for conceptual and research on communication studies and public relations. The objective of this journal is to encourage research related but not limited to: Organizational Communication; Development Communication; Reputation management; Government Public Relations; Media Relations; Corporate Communication; Marketing Communication; Public Policy Communication Management.
  • Journal of Research on Business and Tourism

    Journal of Research on Business and Tourism (JRBT) publishes papers of an empirical or conceptual and literature reviews of a cross disciplinary. JRBT provides a platform for academics, business professionals, researchers, and professional concerns on both theoretical and practical issues in the areas of business and public administration, human resource management, finance, marketing, management, hospitality, event management and tourism. JRBT, being interdisciplinary in contents, seeks to publish innovative, impactful and sets new grounds in the real world of business management and tourism sciences. Published every January and July.

  • COMMENTATE: Journal of Communication Management

    COMMENTATE: Journal of Communication Management is an open access, and double-blind peer-reviewed journal on communication studies and management. COMMENTATE was launched in 2020 and has two meanings, firstly, as abbreviation of Communication Management in Postgraduate Studies, and secondly, commentator in the sport event that brings sportive value in capturing communication phenomena in society. COMMENTATE is published by Lembaga Penelitian, Publikasi dan Pengabdian Masyarakat (LP3M), Institut Komunikasi dan Bisnis LSPR and managed by Postgraduate Program, Institut Komunikasi dan Bisnis LSPR. This journal publishes twice a year in June and December. The objective of this journal is to encourage research related but not limited to:

    1. Corporate communication. Communication that involves a set of activities with external and internal stakeholders to create favourable conditions. 

    2. Media communication. Multimodal communication in audio, visual and audiovisual both mainstream and digital to deliver information or data.  

    3. Public relations. Communication that is associated with the strategic message to build corporate image and reputation.

    4. Business communication. The interchange of a verbal, written or recorded message in the circumstances of business to accomplish organization objectives.

    5. Entertainment communication. Communication that attaches the experience, role and impact of entertainment media on a scope of various people. 

    6. Global communication. Communication that implies a transfer of information, knowledge and ideas across geographic, political, economic, social and cultural divides.

    7. Communication management. The systematic plan, implementation, and evaluation of all communications activities in different channels within an organization or between organizations. 

  • Journal of Servite

    Journal of SERVITE published by Centre for Research, Publication, and Community Service – LSPR Communication and Business Institute since June 2019. Journal of SERVITE is a place for lecturers, students, national and international researchers to publish their research result in communication area, and/or the report on implementation of community service, about the model or concept and implementation that has impacts on stakeholders. Journal of SERVITE features the solution for problems in community that relates to the improvement and development of human resources, especially on communication area in general, but not limited to public relations, media literacy, media culture, gender and media, as well as organizational communication, intercultural communication. Result of community service covers group community communication, community empowerment through MSME mentoring, service provision of socio-cultural aspect, and the development of continuing education in community. Journal of SERVITE is published twice a year every end of May and November during current year

  • Communicare : Journal of Communication Studies

    Communicare: Journal of Communication Studies is a journal published by Lembaga Penelitian, Publikasi dan Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat (LP3M) Institut Komunikasi dan Bisnis LSPR which accommodates various works in the form of scientific papers from different fields of communication science. Communicare: Journal of Communication Studies is published twice a year, in June and December.