Focus and Scope

The Journal of Communication and Public Relations is an open access, international, peer reviewed journal for conceptual and research on communication studies and public relations. The objective of this journal is to encourage research related but not limited to:

  • Organizational communication. The process of sending and receiving messages among interrelated individuals to achieve common goals in a particular environment or organization.
  • Development communication. Communication that facilitates social development through information dissemination and education, social marketing, media advocacy, social change and community participation.
  • Reputation management. Communication that influences, controls or shapes people perception of a brand, corporate or individual
  • Government Public Relations. The strategic communication that helps to communicate and interact with governmental publics.
  • Media Relations. Communication that attaches between organization or public relations professionals and media (editors, reporters and journalists) to have the mutually beneficial relationship.
  • Corporate Communication. Communication that involves a set of activities with external and internal stakeholders to create favorable conditions.
  • Marketing Communication. The use of different marketing and communication channels to deliver the messages to its desired market.
  • Public Policy Communication Management. Communication that engages with the principles, systems, law, or regulatory to the public good.